Friday, January 3, 2014

Goal for the New Year

My goal for the new year is to focus on myself and my family. 

The one thing, the one single thing that makes me lose sight of what I have is comparison. Comparing what I have to what others have, and 99% of the time it's comparing myself to people that I don't even know in real life. It's people that I've seen on tv, or on instagram, or in magazines, or a friend of a friend of a friend's facebook profile that I stumbled across. I compare my house, my looks, my career, and any other materialistic thing you can think of. Honestly I think we do have a nice house, and I like the way I look, and I have had a good career for someone my age, and we do have a lot of nice things. So why do I let people I don't even know take that away from me? I don't know what goes on behind closed doors, and for all I know these people I'm comparing myself to might struggle a lot in areas that I'm flawless in. Nobody is perfect, I know this. So why do I trick myself into thinking that they can be? 

I made a facebook status a while back to remind myself to live my life at my own pace, in my own way, without watching how everyone else is doing it: Like doing yoga, learn to listen to your own body to dictate how your practice should look. By imagining there is no one else in the room, you can't compare your position or flexibility to others' and are completely fulfilled by where you are. 

This is exactly how I feel and need to remember to follow this. With that being said, I need to remind myself of all the great things we have going in our life, and all the great qualities I have and Adam has. I'm gonna write them down in big bold letters and hang it up on the fridge if need be. This year I want to be more positive, and replace words of negativity and complaining with words of kindness, affirmation, and positivity. 

So, I need to quit comparing, and to be positive about my own life. It's more important now than ever because we have a daughter now and I need to show her what she should be truly valuing in life. 


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