Friday, December 13, 2013

Mira's Favorite Things & Introducing Finger Foods

Mira's Favorite things lately:
Emptying out the tupperware cupboard 563 times a day after I restock it 562 times
Measuring spoons
Dinnerware spoons
Her soft giraffe rattle
Attempting to walk holding my one finger (getting confident!)
Talking to her toys and the animals on her footsie pajamas (lol)
Taking baths and standing/walking around the entire time

She still says dada and the occasional mama but they are not intentional yet. Her other go-to words are wiggle, tickle, nickel, and other variations. Again, not intentional.  It's going to be so exciting when she says her real first word! 

Chunks & Lumps

At her 9 month appointment a couple days ago, her pediatrician said we can start finger foods since she's been using the pincer grasp anyway. What doc doesn't know is that Mira hates textures. I can't even mash up a banana or avocado and have her eat that because she gags at the tiniest lumps. When I give her puffs, she ends up throwing most on the floor. So I don't expect her to be liking finger foods anytime soon.

So we bought some happy yogis, which are dried yogurt pieces, and some baby yogurt. I tried blueberry yogurt yesterday, she didn't like it, but it's probably because it's too bitter and sour for her. Then we tried cottage cheese. That was a fail. She gagged and gagged. Those little lumps are the bane of her existence. So I then called it quits and gave her the normal stuff: green beans + pears + oatmeal cereal.

Other puree favorites (basically all mixed with oatmeal cereal):
Sweet potatoes + peaches
Applesauce + bananas + mangos
Carrots + pears + raspberries
Applesauce + blueberries
Squash + applesauce
Peas + broccoli + pears

Then yesterday morning I made pancakes. I made a smaller one and made it soggy with water and ripped off little pieces for Mira. This was a little more successful. Not completely there yet but we are making progress.

I've also tried pear chunks and banana chunks, but once again, fail. She has a hard time picking them up to begin with. The foods that I feel most comfortable with her eating are the ones that slip right through her fingers, go figure. We tried tomato soup last night and she wasn't loving it, but wasn't gagging or spitting it out, just kind of uninterested. Oh well, I'll keep trying. The next finger foods I plan on trying is chunks of cooked green beans and steamed carrots.

Mira really just wants to feed herself, we're in a tough position. The pancakes were probably the best middle ground. She doesn't know how to spoon things to herself yet, but hates to eat "chunks" or the texture of "lumps".


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