Wednesday, December 4, 2013

9 months

Mira's 9 months today! 3/4 of a year, soooo weird.

Thanksgiving: went really well. We had it at our place again this year and my mom did all the cooking (I helped...). The food was all amazingggg! And I am reminded of how amazing it is with all the leftovers that we get. We had turkey, stuffing, sweet potato souffle, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, buns with cinnamon butter, and sides like lefsa, cranberries, pickles, etc. For dessert we had a rhubarb crisp, my sister made apple crisp, and I made a pumpkin cheesecake. Yum! Many thanks to my mom for slaving away in the kitchen the entire weekend. We had bellies full of yummy food the whole weekend.

Height/Weight: TBD
Feeding: Breastfed numerous times a day, I absolutely lost count. Since she's teething it seems she is non stop nursing and half the time it's just for comfort. Also increasing her solids intake. She's probably getting closer to 8 oz a day, maybe a little less. I've also changed up what I'm feeding her; I've completely taken away rice cereal, and she seems to not like vegetables and pureed meats much at all anymore. So now I am mixing fruit and vegetables for dinner time and only giving her meat every other day. 
Sleeping: She's better at falling asleep, but now that she has this awful cold she not only has a congested nose, but a mucous-y cough. I've got her humidifier, tower heater, and fan all running, so her room is the perfect environment (I like to compare it to a tropical beach at night), but still gets up about 3 times in the night. 
Clothes Size: Growing out of a lot of 6 months stuff, especially pajamas. Wearing mostly 6-9 months, 9 months, and 6-12 months. 
Development: Mira is now able to stand unassisted, but it's usually only a few seconds because she gets nervous! She won't fall over, she'll just squat down and move to the floor. She really really wants to walk and I think it's actually going to happen this month! She's also good at: beating people up, destroying things, climbing into anything possible, stuff like that.

We've now packed away Mira's snugamonkey, her activity mat, and her bathtub. Adam and I thought it was kind of sad that she doesn't use those things anymore. She's taking big girl baths now, which is a fun new thing for all of us. We quickly learned that we needed to have a grippy bath mat and a spout cover. And now that she's getting stronger/taller/reaching further, we are probably going to have to do a second round of baby proofing all over the house. 


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