Monday, December 9, 2013

8 and 9 month favorites

Happy puffs (Target). At this point they are just keeping Mira occupied while she waits for me to warm up her food. 
Baby Moccasins. These ones above are the exact ones I have for Mira. Honestly my single favorite thing we have for her. Unfortunately this particular brand is no longer making moccs, but you can email me for similar boutiques. They have elastic around the opening so they're easy to get on and off and stay on. The perfect light weight shoe to stay on Mira's feet while she crawls and explores walking.
B. Fun Keys. These are the closest replica to real keys that I've seen. The keys are made of stainless steel and has sound effects. Since Mira loves our keys this is the next best thing.
Boogie wipes (Target). Mira's had two colds and an ear infection now. Granted, she hates getting her nose wiped, but since they're saline wipes it helps with stuffiness.
Food feeders (Target). Meant for fruits and veggies and I suppose ice. I usually just put a couple apple chunks in one since it's the least messy. Mira loves it.
Teepee play tent. Mira loved being underneath things, so we would sometimes make forts with blankets, but this teepee trumps any fort we've ever made. 
Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier. This is the carrier that chiropractors recommend and after wearing it I can see why. The word "ergo" in the title says it all. Mira's 16 and a half pounds now and it doesn't strain my back whatsoever to wear her with the ergo. 


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