Tuesday, October 1, 2013

30 weeks

Mira is basically crawling. She slithers around the house kind of like a snake, getting into everything. I can't turn my back for longer than 2 seconds without her somehow managing to move across the room and grab some kind of cord/remote control/dvd etc... She does get on her hands on knees and rock back and forth, but then she decides to move by using mostly her arms and her feet. She's gotten fast, too. This whole baby proofing situation crept up pretty fast and now we have to make our moves quickly before she ruins any more of Adam's PS3 stuff (she has already broke one of his controllers and she likes to pound on the PS3 and turn it on and off). Little troublemaker I tell ya!

That's why this is my newest chalkboard message for her door.

Catching some of her action on camera:

Mira's favorite things:
Playstation controls
Remote controls
Being underneath stuff like tables
Peek a boo
Hearing her own voice
Being around people
Eating my face - I swear it's her way of kissing
She now "kisses" herself in the mirror by doing this same thing to her reflection

Current favorite foods: sweet potatoes (after a few tries), applesauce, peaches (all mixed with a little oatmeal cereal + breastmilk)
Not so favorite foods: avocado, turkey puree, rice cereal

Proud mom moment: Ever since Mira was about 5 months old, when I've had her on my lap she has tried to pull my tanktop down while sucking on my upper chest when she's hungry. Well last week she not only did that, but successfully found my nipple by crouching down and bending her neck forward and started eating. So proud of how smart she's getting! It's my new favorite thing that she does! Except for the fact that she now does this alllll the time- every time her head is remotely near my chest... little boob hound. She acts like such a toddler to me sometimes it's unreal.

And one last pic of our little vikings fan who doesn't sit still long enough for me to get a good shot of her jersery:


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