Wednesday, September 4, 2013

6 months/26 weeks Crap. Our baby is 6 months. It seemed like yesterday when I was thinking that 6 months was forever away.

I had to use the chalkboard this time because this:

That sticker didn't stand a chance.

Height & weight: TBD at her appointment next week
Feeding: Exclusively breastfed. She now drinks between 4-5 oz during the day but at her last feeding before bed probably around 6 oz. She is probably ready for solids anytime now, but I'm waiting for our doc appt next week before I start anything.
Sleeping: It's still a process. She just doesn't like to be put down for naps/bedtime. We've spoiled her up until now by catering to her every little cry within seconds. We're now trying to let her cry a little longer before running to her. She seems to not give up, though. She is a committed crier.
Clothes size: 6 months. Still some 3-6 months too.
Diaper size: 2
Development: Sitting up on her own (for a while). We still have to monitor her. But she really really wants to walk. She loves being on her feet. She says many variations of things that end in 'a': dada, mama, nana, gaga, baba, blahblah and she seems to say 'hi'. All these "words" probably aren't intentional, though. It seems like"hi" might be, though? As for her teething, Hyland's teething tablets seem to actually be helping now. The teething process seems to be at a lull, she isn't screaming in pain or drooling that much lately. This doesn't dismiss the fact that everything still belongs in her mouth. In fact, she has her mouth wide open and ready the moment she touches an object. That's just where everything goes, duh.

As for me, an update on post-pregnancy progress: I reached my pre-pregnancy weight when Mira turned 4 months, but I still want to work towards my pre-pregnancy body. It's hard to get to the gym since Adam works so much, but on average I go twice a week.

Mira's favorite things:
-Watching cartoons. I usually stick her in her little recliner seat so she can watch it in there
- Getting undressed
- Anything that deems unsafe or expensive or breakable
- Talking to her toys
- Paper
- Literally anything that she's not supposed to have

Mira's not so favorite things:
Getting her diaper changed
Getting dressed
Going to bed

Happy 6 months Mira!

 Getting a little big for her snugamonkey!

Random video of my dad and Mira at the lake. So cute :)


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