Sunday, August 4, 2013

5 Months

Mira is 5 months today (and 22 weeks tomorrow)!

New favorite things:
- She is a reacher now. Her little arms are constantly reaching out for something, whether it's one of her toys, a glass of water I'm drinking out of, or a used paper towel sitting on the countertop, she'll reach for it. When she successfully grabs something she was reaching for, it takes about .2 seconds for it to go into her mouth. She even reaches for me to pick her up when she's sick of being in her exersaucer.
- On that note, she wants to eat and drink everything that we do. If it's within her reach she will fight to the death to try and grab it. If it's not within her reach, she will just stare. She's definitely mentally ready to eat big people food, but sorry kiddo, not for a while.

Height/Weight: TBD
Feeding: Exclusively breastfed 98% of the day. About 2 weeks ago I starting running short on breastmilk, and even introduced fenugreek and blessed thistle (both herbs) into my diet, which didn't help, so we have started giving Mira about 2 oz. of formula at her last feeding of the day before bed. I hope my supply goes back up soon, but for now Mira just eats more frequently, about every 2 hours, and giving her the formula at night helps her sleep through the night.
Sleeping: This little bugger officially decided she doesn't like taking naps. She used to be so good! I think it has to do with teething and she seems to be burping and spitting up a lot more so that doesn't help either. Putting her down for a nap could be anywhere from a 10 minute job to a 30 minute job. Anytime after that we say screw it, she's not taking a nap. At least she sleeps through the night. 
Clothes size: She's graduated out of 0-3 and 3 months size. It happened again. The same thing happened when I put on a 6 month outfit as it did the first time I put on a 3 month outfit; I realized she should've been wearing this size weeks ago, but I couldn't get past the idea of her being that big.
Development: Mira can sit up unsupported for a couple seconds, and she's becoming a little more of a mover. She doesn't crawl yet, but she gets creative. She finds plenty of other ways to move around with her arms and legs. She squeals and giggles and makes all kinds of noises. She's starting to be more purposeful with her toys, and is able to control what she does more. She shakes the rattle because she likes the sound, not because she is doing so accidentally as she did in the earlier months. Still rolling over all over the place front to back, back to front. 

Some shots of Mira over the weekend:


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