Monday, August 19, 2013

24 weeks

Our sweet baby is 24 weeks today. Adam and I both decided that one of our favorite things ever is carrying Mira to her crib after she's fallen asleep. She just cuddles up and nuzzles her little head onto our shoulder. We just don't get Mira cuddles like that when she's awake since she's so hyperactive.

Weight: I weighed her on our home scale with only a diaper on and she was 14 pounds. So I'm guessing a more accurate weight would be just a little under that.
Height: TBD
Feeding: Exclusively breastfed, yay! My breastfeeding journey has had its ups and downs, but I'm so glad I never gave up. She's currently been drinking about 4 oz each feeding but that's only an estimate since I obviously can't measure. But I think she's been drinking closer to 4.5-5 oz lately.
Sleeping: Still not the easiest baby to put to bed, but we've figured out that she just needs to be put in her snugamonkey for a bit before we put her down and eventually she gets tired enough where she won't fight sleep. At night, she usually wakes up once. Some nights twice, and some nights three times. But there's nights where she doesn't wake up at all.
Clothes size: 6 months. I've put all her newborn-3 months size in boxes to either give away or bring to a second had store, but I packed my favorites in a rubbermaid in case we ever have another girl.
Diaper size: 2. Side note: If we are in Target and I even mention buying the generic brand diapers, Adam looks at me like I just killed a cat. He clearly only wants the best for Mira ;).
Development: She sits up on her own for a lot longer now. I'm so proud! As long as she concentrates on it she can sit up, but then she gets distracted and forgets to sit and will topple over. Still no crawling yet, she just uses rolling over as a means of transportation. She can get pretty far pretty fast that way, though. She's already getting into things she shouldn't, like cords and other random household objects. Also, still in the process of teething and she whines everyday because of it. We still use baby orajel and Hyland's teething tablets, but they don't fully help. Actually, they barely help.

Mira's favorite things:
- I started playing country music on the stereo system and she just smiles.
- Laying her on the floor in her bedroom. I just lay out a blanket and she's so happy, I don't even need to give her toys. I think she just likes her room.
- She likes when we put her in her car seat. She either gets excited or completely silent and content. She knows she gets to go somewhere.
- Bath time. She for some reason loves when we take her out of the bath too. She just screams of excitement. I seem to remember hating getting out of the bath when I was little because it was cold and not fun. To each their own I guess.
- She likes when I sing to her. She goes completely silent and just stares at me and then starts smiling.
- Whispering in her ear. She immediately stops what she's doing and just listens to whatever you whisper to her. I usually say "Mommy loves you". Hopefully she continues to be this good of listener when she's older and all we have to do is whisper in her ear. Wishful thinking.
- I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but she has always liked her butt patted. It calms her down. To get her to fall asleep, we usually lightly pat her butt and if she's fussing, I'll just cradle her while patting her butt.
- Her striped lion. She loves when I dangle him above her head. And I mean LOVES it.

Happy Monday! 


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