Monday, June 17, 2013

15 Weeks

Mira is 15 weeks old today! And my summer vacation has started as of last Friday! It makes me feel like I'm back in highschool again, it's the same feeling I got when school got out every spring.

Still going strong with breastfeeding. It's definitely a love/hate relationship, though. Love because it's a special bond I get with Mira, it's more nutritious, it's obviously the cheaper route than formula, and because I burn lots of calories while doing it, but mostly because of the special bond I get with Mira. Hate because I have to pump while I'm at work, pumping sucks in general (like I've said before; like a boob vacuum), and if I go out somewhere, I can only enjoy a couple hours at a time before I have to go excuse myself to pump. Real bummer when you're at a wedding dance or bachelorette party and you have to go home or to your car and pump every 2.5 hours. If I didn't need to do that part, breastfeeding would be perfect. I know that when Mira does wean, though, I will definitely miss it.

Father's Day. Adam had the whole day off, so we started off the day by going to brunch and the bloody mary bar. It was perfect. We then had plans to go to the beach because it was such a nice morning. Once we actually got to the beach, it wasn't longer than 2 minutes and it started to get extremely windy and rain. We then had to head home, bummer. It was pouring for a little while, and once we got home, it stopped. It then got nice again, of course. We then decided to grill, so we went out and got burgers and brats. I started to chop up potatoes to throw on and once Adam was about to start the grill, it started getting cloudy and thundering and lightning. THAT plan was ruined too. We then threw everything in the oven, problem solved. Basically the weather doesn't like us.

Nothing was gonna stop us from enjoying a couple of Angry Orchards afterwards, though. Yum!


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