Thursday, April 18, 2013

6 weeks

Just sitting peacefully in her car seat at a restaurant for Adam's birthday

I had my 6 week post delivery appointment yesterday. I am officially free to workout! I don't know why I'm all excited about it yet, I still don't have the energy or time to do too much. I plan to start slow, perhaps speed walking and 5 pound weight exercises, and gradually increase the intensity over time. 

Mira is cute as ever. She is a little mover; she can roll onto her side, and also manages to scoot forward using her legs and arms when she's on her belly. 

She's gotten progressively fussier over the last few weeks. And it's no mystery that it's gas. Poor thing. At first I thought maybe dairy was affecting her, but after eliminating that for a few days nothing changed. Then, after some research, I found that it was common for breastfed babies to have gas at her age and it was primarily from the way she feeds on the breast. I started to make sure I was leaning back far enough so she didn't gulp so fast. She still managed to gulp so fast she choked. It doesn't help that she hates being burped, it's like pulling teeth with her. I bought gripe water, which had almost unanimous positive reviews. Did not do anything. I even got the expensive, all natural, FDA-approved one. Sigh. 

Then at the doc yesterday I asked her what else I can do. She told me, since I have such an abundant milk supply, to pump a little bit before I feed her. That way she won't be gulping so much at once. Duh. Why didn't I think of that? I also bought some gas drops after we left. It's only been one day, but after pumping a little bit before, and giving her gas drops after feeding, I notice a difference. I hope it gets better, because there were times where I wanted to cry because I felt so bad for the little one in such pain. 

As far as sleep goes; some nights are really good and some nights are just okay. We never particularly have a rough night where we get no sleep. Nighttime schedule is as follows: Between 8-9 is bathtime. We only use soap every other night since her skin dries out, but we lotion her up with lavender California Baby lotion every night. Then within 10 minutes after that I will feed her. Around 9:30, whether she is asleep or not, I will swaddle her and put her down for bed. If I'm lucky, I would have already gotten ready for bed and hopped in at the same time as her. Otherwise, this is when I get ready for bed. I give her her nuk and play some type of ambient noise. Usually it's one of the nature sounds, like ocean waves or rain, from my iphone app. Sometimes I play some slow acoustic songs just to switch it up a bit. The bath + lavender lotion + nuk + swaddle + ambient noise usually gets her fast asleep within 10-20 minutes. If I miss one of the things from that formula, she won't fall asleep as easy. There's been a handful of nights where we skipped bathtime + lotion and she spent 15 minutes alone trying to bust out of her burrito swaddle. And she always succeeds, little stinker. 

We love our little girl and we see more personality in her everyday :)

This is what a midday nap looks like

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  1. I miss my little sweet pea...I can't wait to see her and hold her again!! Give her hugs and kisses from grandma <3 Love, Gma Wahouske :)


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