Friday, March 1, 2013

41 Weeks

Did not think I would get this far along. I'm actually not as frustrated as people think, though. I told my doc as long as the baby's not 10 pounds I'm fine. Supposedly baby is a little bit under 8 pounds. If she's not here by Monday doc is setting an induction date. 

Cravings: Everything. Not anything specific or weird, I just have a big appetite and think about food a lot. 

Movement: She's still moving a ton. 

Labor Signs: Not sure but I just get mild cramping (like menstrual cramps) but it's not necessarily painful. I don't know if those are contractions and my body is just really nice to me or what. Since I was dilated to a 3 on Tuesday I'm guessing some of those were/are contractions. 

Overall, I still feel the same as I have the past month or two. I'm not as uncomfortable as you would think a 41 week prego would be. I've just been getting mild headaches about every afternoon while I'm at work. Maybe it has nothing to do with pregnancy and it's all work stress, who knows. I also hear "you're still here!?" about 15 times a day from people around campus. While I patiently wait for her to arrive I'm just going to enjoy the quietness of our home and get all the massages from Adam I can get ;)

41 Week Belly:


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