Friday, February 15, 2013

39 Weeks

Due date is one week away! I think I've been nesting the past week; been cleaning daily. I'm starting to get anxious about labor & delivery in different ways than I thought. I don't want to have to be induced, it doesn't feel right. I told my doc if I'm not progressing right away I still don't want pitocin or anything thrown at me, but she just reassured me pitocin is no big deal, grrrr. It's frustrating when doctors don't honor our wishes. It's my body, dammit.

Doc Appt: Once again, not much new. Gained a couple pounds since last week, but I'm not surprised; my appetite has gotten pretty hefty. I have great BP (120/80) and am now measuring at 35 weeks, which is smaller than last week, but she said it's because I'm dropping even more. Also, my Group B Strep test results came back negative, so that's good.

Baby size: A little over 7 pounds and about 20 inches long, the size of a mini watermelon. Okay I'm ready for her to come out, that's big enough to me!

Movement: Still happening. More rolling around than kicking.

Maternity Clothes: Everyday I have a battle with myself over whether I will be wearing sweatpants to work. Obviously I never do, it's always the same ol' leggings with a maternity top/dress. But today I wore yoga pants and my Nike 6's since it's Friday and I was lazy :)

Cravings: Sweets. And I could live off of just those. I have literally been baking weekly. Also just got a package from mom and dad for Valentine's day and have eaten half the candy from it already.

Symptoms: Besides the fact that I almost throw a tantrum every time I get all refluxy and bubbly, just heavy pressure that sometimes makes even walking hard. Also, I'm still frequently moody. I'm not afraid to speak my mind to someone who doesn't put their cart away in the grocery store parking lot. I feel like I should wear a warning label or t-shirt that both tells people to watch out and apologizes in advance, but I think those kind of go without saying once people see my belly.

Still no contractions. No BH. Nothing.

Childcare: We settled that my sister will be nannying when I first go back to work after maternity leave, yay!

39 Week Belly:

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  1. Your belly is too cute! I just love this post.. It definitely makes me reminisce... You are going to LOVE being a Mama! :)


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