Thursday, January 3, 2013

33 Weeks

Well, another week down! Still feeling great. On Saturday I had my second baby shower, and it was also really nice. We had a nice brunch with coffee (wasn't expecting that much food!).

The hosts:

After getting all the gifts at this shower, I feel pretty ready for baby. Adam and I have now received basically all of our necessities for our little newborn, just as gifts. I feel really spoiled. I've also already washed all the newborn clothes, blankets, burp cloths, and bibs. Nothing like being a little over prepared :)

There's just a few things left that we still have to get:
-Breast pump accessories (One of mom's coworkers gave me their Medela pump-in-style, so I just need to get new parts. Saving lots of $$$!)
-Baby K'tan carrier (like the Moby but no confusing ties)
-Video baby monitor -- If anyone knows of a good one let me know! I cannot decide on which one to get.
-Baby's take-home outfit!

The to-do list I posted at 29 weeks is getting done!:
Finish nursery
   Wall decor
   Stock changing table
   Order crib bedding/changing table cover
Pack hospital bag
Discuss birth plan with doctor. (Example of a birth plan found here.)
Purchase all items left off of registry

I casually talked to my doctor about a birth plan but she didn't seem too thrilled about the idea of making one. She said things will happen, I could change my mind in the moment, and some things aren't in my control. She did say I could make a brief outline of the essentials, but just don't expect things to go according to plan.

Yes, I've already started packing my hospital bag. There's a robe, fuzzy socks, slippers, and some sweatpants in there so far.

As far as the registry goes, like I said, we basically got everything gifted to us and a lot of the things left aren't needed right away. For example, a stroller; baby will be born in winter and I don't plan on going to a shopping mall or anything right away. Same goes for the highchair.

Baby size: a little over 4 pounds/a little over 17 inches (according to my MyPregnancy app).
It's getting to be SO entertaining to watch my stomach when she's shifting around in there. But every time I get the video camera out to record it, she stops moving! So camera shy!

Symptoms: Acid reflux is back (took a vacation for a while) and more frequent trips to the bathroom. Also, still no BH contractions and still no back pains or anything. I think working out helps!

Belly button in or out: Still completely an innie, not even flat yet. And still no stretch marks. Yesterday after my doc told me "this next month and a half there's going to be a lot of stretching", I went and splurged on a $42 bottle of stretch mark creme. Better be worth it!

Looking forward to: Putting the crib together and finishing all the last touches on the nursery.

33 Week Belly:


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