Wednesday, December 12, 2012

30 Weeks

In the 30's! How crazy, only 10 weeks left. People keep asking me if I'm getting nervous and I still have not yet gotten nervous whatsoever. I'm more so excited and impatient than anything! I'm also getting extremely anxious for Christmas festivities! I can't wait to go home and play all my Lorie Line Christmas music on the piano! Listening to Christmas music gives me major piano withdrawals!

I met with both my health coach and my nutritionist last Thursday (there's one here at work) and talked about nutrition goals and meal planning. She's going to help me with recipes and freezer meals, so that should be really helpful. I have also been running 2 miles about 3 times a week the past couple weeks. My health coach was very proud of me.

The babe has been kicking a lot more lately and I notice now it'll be in two places at once. Adam started talking to her through my belly, which is cute :). It's also starting to be a fun game to try and guess which body part I'm feeling stick out, which seems to be the head in my lower belly region most frequently.

30 week loves:

The top left is my new personal humidifier, which I am obsessed with. I registered for it on the baby registry because my original plans were to have it for traveling with baby. But since I already got it, it's posted in my office at work doing wonders. I will probably buy another. Highly recommend it.

The top right is my little creation! Got the frame at target and put my graphic design skills to work. Many thanks to Adobe InDesign for that one.

My sweating for two shirt. Found this on zulily. So excited about this one. People at the gym will have no excuse to second guess I'm pregnant ;)

And lastly the fourth picture; my thirty week bare belly still with zero stretchmarks. That's something to love.

And finally...

30 Week Belly Pic:


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