Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I'm Pregnant!

July 12, 2012

On June 22, 2012, I noticed that I had tender breasts going on for a couple weeks. My menstrual cycle was literally only 2 days late, but my intuition told me something was off. I took the initiative to go get a pregnancy test, and then went back to get two more. All 3 tests were positive. If you knew how little my boyfriend and I got to see each other, you can imagine my confusion and astonishment.

As of today I'm about 8 weeks along. I have not told anyone that I'm pregnant yet besides my immediate family, and of course, Adam. But even though I'm not telling people yet, I wanted to start blogging about it. It's going to be SO interesting to read later. So I am including a survey. It overviews the main pregnancy symptoms:

How far along: 8.5 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: None
Maternity clothes?: Not yet
Stretch marks?: Not yet
Sleep: Since I've been used to sleeping like a baby my whole life, it's a difficult change now that I have to wake up to pee once or twice in the night.
Best moment this week: Being told by a landlord that they are saving a condo for Adam and I, and it's a great price for how nice it is!
Miss anything: I WILL be missing wefest in a few weeks :( :( That's the hardest part.
Food cravings: Not really. Mostly aversions.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Mostly EVERYTHING until late evenings. Then, of course, it's time to get ready for bed.
Have you started to show yet: No way
Gender Prediction: GIRL
Symptoms: ALL. Morning sickness (But no throwing up), hell I have day sickness. Moody, headaches, abdomen cramping, fatigue. And the most prominent one I've noticed: I get annoyed of everyone. Have a very low tolerance for people's ticks. Just listening to my coworker cough every 5-10 minutes makes me want to scream.
Happy or moody most of the time: MOODY
Looking forward to: Moving into our condo, and eventually telling people that I'm pregnant (I'm waiting until at least September, until I'm 15 weeks along or more).

It's hard to be at work and keep it a secret. I've been feeling sick practically everyday, even went home last Monday. Everyone's wondering if I caught mono or the flu and I HATE lying about it, but I absolutely can't say anything yet, because I am applying for higher positions in this department (a promotion! :) I'm afraid it could affect that) and I just feel that it's to early to break the news!

Can't wait to move into our condo on August 15th!


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