Thursday, September 27, 2012

19 Weeks

I am 19 weeks as of today! I will have to go back and upload pictures that I have taken of my belly. This week is when I am finally starting to get a little belly, even though it just looks like a beer belly. Adam and I think part of the reason I'm so small compared to other pregnant women is because of the location where I'm carrying, right in the middle. I'm not high and not too low.

So far, I've had hardly any of the "normal" 19 week signs of pregnancy.
No constipation
No unreasonable or unusual appetite
No stretchmarks
No moodiness or crying (more than usual at least ;))

Side effects I have had:
Weight gain, of course

As of last week, Adam now has 2 jobs (he is taking up personal training as mostly a hobby since he is so passionate about it). Also, as I have announced to everyone, I got offered a new job (still within the university). So far I like it, but I DO miss my old job a little bit, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, either way I love working at a university. I'm so glad I took this route and I am so excited that Adam and I are both successful and will be able to give our child whatever he or she needs.

So once again, the pregnancy is going very smoothly. Things are going perfectly fine. I wore my first maternity top a couple days ago. But still, no one at work knows I'm pregnant. The reason I haven't told anyone is because I just received a new job. I'll wait a week or two to break the news!

I don't have a scale, so I haven't been weighing myself, but if I were to guess I would assume I've gained 7 pounds. I will find out soon enough! I don't feel too huge, so I'm no worried.

Mood has been very happy lately and very excited for all things baby!

19 week belly pic:


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