Wednesday, September 19, 2012

18 weeks

I keep jumping the gun on posting pregnancy blogs, I'm not 18 weeks until tomorrow. I thought since it was exactly a week ago that I posted the 17 week blog it would be appropriate.

My last day in the Office of the Registrar is Friday, and I'm sad. Even though I'm moving onto bigger and better things, there's still that bittersweet feeling. Tomorrow the entire office and supporting offices (Financial Aid and OneStop) are throwing me a going away party, but they are calling it a "going down the hall party" since my office isn't too far away from my current one.

I ordered my first maternity top on Sunday from Asos! There's no way I'm going through this pregnancy in anything but style. I also ordered a new trench coat jacket from one of my favorite sites. Hopefully my pregnant belly will fit into it in a couple months.

As far as the pregnancy itself goes; everything seems to be normal and uneventful. No movement yet (except Adam swore he felt baby movement when he was listening to my stomach but I told him it was just digestion). The food I've been craving is cherry tomatoes with salt, pepper, and ranch. I snack on it at work about every day. I'm still very picky and have a hard time figuring out what to make for meals. Adam and I make macaroni and cheese with hot dogs and ketchup a lot, and about once a week we make a good, hearty meal. Today we are making a roast. I've also been making tons of foods off of pinterest (mostly desserts).

Caitlin and I started talking about baby showers and gender reveal parties. Pinterest has some good ideas. She wants to do a baby shower here in Duluth on my birthday (December 8th) and one back home in Crookston in January. I'm wondering what Adam's mom is going to want to do. Either way, there's some big plans in the making and I'm hoping for something fun!

18 week belly pic:


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