Wednesday, September 12, 2012

17 weeks

September 12, 2012

Had my second OB appointment today, and have gained no weight since my last appointment last month! Everything checked out to be normal, Adam and I got to listen to the heartbeat and it was at 142, so it's normal!

I'm starting to tell my friends/previous coworkers/previous classmates about my pregnancy, and it's so exciting! It is actually addicting, it makes me wanna tell the world. Obviously I'm getting very good responses, congratulations, and support.

I got offered another job in another department last week and I decided to accept it on Monday. I'm so sad to leave the Office of the Registrar, but I will only be down the hall! I love where my professional life is going, it's almost as exciting as the pregnancy! Things are just all around moving SO fast.

As far as how I'm feeling; just a few headaches (they were bad headaches, though) and I feel like my stomach grows a little bit each day. I still haven't told coworkers at my current work, and it's okay because I'm not showing yet. I wear my hollister jeggings, leggings, and some charlotte russe jeggings and that's the only things that comfortably fit. BUT I still use the hair tie method on my regular jeans if I get lazy for laundry. I want to start shopping for more loose fitting dresses to wear with leggings.

Still no food cravings. I'm the pickiest pregnant person I know, maybe that will change though.

Overall, things are going well for me. I'm loving our condo, loving my job, loving this pregnancy (as much as someone can..). Pregnancy isn't something you particularly enjoy, but it's going smoothly for me.


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