Wednesday, September 12, 2012

12/13 weeks

August 17, 2012

Yesterday, I had my first ultrasound. It was exciting! It made me excited for everything watching that little one bounce around in there. The ultrasound tech was laughing at how much movement there was going on, the baby kept moving positions and bouncing. He said the heart rate was 147, so right in the middle of the average (90-200). Adam said it must be a boy because a girl wouldn't move around that fast ;). He thinks that it takes after him. It was so weird to see the baby in there, I could make out the head, hands, arms, legs, nose. The tech took 3 pictures of the profile view and I personally think it looks like it has chubby cheeks! Who would've thought that a picture of a 13 week old baby in an ultrasound would look cute?! And when I title this 12/13 weeks I do it because according to my menstruation cycle, I should be 12 1/2 weeks, but the tech said according to measurements the baby is 13 weeks. He changed the due date from previously being February 24th to February 21st. That's only a couple days so there really isn't much of a change.

I keep looking at the pictures because it gets me excited. I even consider it to look like me a little bit when I was a baby (chubby cheeks and the way the eyes and nose are placed). I am sure it's a girl, Adam thinks it's a boy, of course. I think he more so WANTS it to be a boy, while I actually THINK it's a girl. I'm going off of both intuition and actual facts. Biologically, the female chromosome (X) is larger than the male (Y). During most times of the month the male and female chromosomes have an equal chance of reaching the egg, except for a few days before ovulation. The few days before ovulation have a higher risk of conceiving a female because the egg is lower down in the Fallopian tube. Since I know the exact conception date, you can probably guess I'm saying this because the conception date was just 2 days before ovulation began. There are a couple other biological factors that come into play, like pH level as another example. I'm not going to get into detail about though!

Either way, I will be happy with whatever sex it is! I have just only been thinking of girl names because I seem to be so dead set on having a girl.

All in all, it was just a really fun experience having the ultrasound. I can't wait until the next one when the baby is bigger and I can find out the gender!


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