Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Temptations of Life

I am just sitting here admiring my yesterday's purchase of some Steve Madden's and it hit me....I am such a sucker for not-passing-up-opportunities. Yes, I guess I'm an opportunist?

These shoes, I might add, were originally $100 BUT I snagged them for $14.80 on sale :). Shoes are a lot like other things in life, like men. This is what I've just been thinking about.

As girls, when we want a pair of shoes (or any other article of clothing), we want it now. We want it for the upcoming weekend, we want to show off new stuff as early on as we can. So when we see a pair of shoes that we like, we're like "Hey they're pretty cute, expensive, but cute." So then we look in the cheaper section and find similar ones. Turns out they are a bitch to walk in, but we settle for them because it's in our price range and they're cute. What we don't think about is what if the really expensive ones go on sale, or what if we looked at another store and found wayyyy more comfortable ones? We don't think about that much, we just live in the moment and impulsively buy away.

We go out with these shoes and get lots of compliments. Our feet hurt like a bitch the next day but hey, we got some good pictures wearing them, right? These $60 dollar shoes are good enough.

A month later we are lounging through the department store looking for a scarf. What do we see right in front of our eyes? Those really expensive shoes on sale for $14! We already invested in those sixty-dollar ones, so why buy the better version of them? Because they are $14! Now there are two types of people; there are the ones who say "oh well" and pass them by because they already have some lower-quality ones that they are for some reason satisfied enough with or the types of people who buy the shows because they always want the best for themselves. I think I've articulated that I'm the second type of person. Yes, I buy the shoes. Why? Because temptation; I can't pass up such a good opportunity. I might regret it later if I don't. Why? Because the $60 might not even hold up for that long! I don't trust them....

Now you can probably see where the metaphor comes in that has to do with men. Some people settle and some people are always looking for the next best thing. How do we even know what the best thing is? We might think once we have these expensive shoes we bought for $14 is the best we can do, but what if we find another pair that is even better and better deal? When are we going to stop trying to improve everything we have and just be grateful for what we landed with?

This is why it's been so hard for me to settle down my entire life. Of course now I have a boyfriend, and he is great, but it has been a journey of me eyeing down men wondering if they are the expensive shoes I could get for $14.

I advise women to not jump at the first $60 mediocre shoes they see, wait. You will walk through an awesome shoe sale unexpectedly and find the exact pair of shoes you've been looking for without even trying, your exact size and everything. Don't go looking for sales like a maniac, you will find one in good time, when you're ready.


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